Here is a colourful curation of fabulous imagery coupled with enticing articles purposed to strike up an internal conversation. Leveridged Lives is a fashion oriented website producing content covering multifarious divisions of the industry in mention including fashion journalism, original editorial content, runway and collection reviews with updates on the latest in the market. The monthly publications subsume topics comprising beauty, travel and expositions which may carry emotional weight or thought provoking sentiments. Established in 2015, this fresh outlet has served as an escape for its exceptional readers, who have created a private community which is steadily growing to involve members across the globe. With its global reach, Leveridged Lives provides inclusive content for those who register as citizens of the world.

The team consists of two individuals sharing roles working as administrative partners where Robyn Leveridge serves as main content director, creative director and operations manager and Fabian Blake serves as main photographer, tech advisor and business coordinator. Together this power house duo ensures the values and spirit of Leveridged Lives is upheld at the complete enjoyment of the reader. Robyn Leveridge, fashion enthusiast and founder is enamoured by all the creative facets of the fashion industry which drove the creation of the website. Leveridged Lives offers:  Art direction, Creative Direction and Journalism on an intimate client basis.

The LL readers is someone who subscribes to the finer things in life whether it be their actuality or their goal. They believe in the founder’s mantra that “We Must Always Be Evolving.” To truly encapsulate this outlook our reader must be fearless, ambitious and strong enough to be the bold figure in society. Their voices will be echoed and their unique personalities will be nurtured here. This formidable soul is you. And your input is colossal.